adult improv

 Introducing ADULT IMPROV!

February 4-March 10, 2020

7:00-8:30 p.m.


Instructor: Sheri Prescott

Learn collaboration, cooperation, concentration, and creativity while sharing laughs with fun people.

Build your presentation and team-building skills through drama games and theatre sports.



Tuesday nights just got BETTER!
Invite your friends, your neighbour, even your partner, for a fun night out.
Improv drags you out of the monotony of everyday life and drops you into that wondrous world of high-energy, immediate, person-to-person interaction. 

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Sheri Prescott

Direcor of Arts on Fire Ajax and Drama teacher of 23 years: Mrs. Sheri Prescott. Sheri is passionate about delivering  Improv workshops for the DDSB, coaching highschool improv clubs and competing in the Canadian Improv Games. She knows improv trains our brains to think positively and wants everyone to experience the joy of improvisation.