Ages: 5-8

Kids Music & Drama

Kids: 3-5 | Kids will enjoy singing, bucket drumming, and creative games. This is the perfect class for growing confidence in social skills and positive collaboration.

Kids Drama and Drawing

Kids: 5-8 | Our young participants will enjoy a 30 minute drawing lesson based on cartoons and then move to the drama studio for a 30 minute round of collaborative drama games and acting scenes. Perfect for the aspiring artist and actor who like to move around more.

Kids Drawing

Kids: 5-8 | Participants will learn to draw basic shapes and how to use their pencil properly. Cartoon animals and faces are the primary subjects for this class. A sketchpad is provided for each participant.

Kids Painting

Kids will enjoy lessons in acrylic and watercolour painting. Techniques such as blending colours, various brush strokes and composition will build a solid foundation for young artists. All materials included!