Frequently Asked Questions

>How much will my aspiring artist learn at Arts on Fire Ajax?

Your aspiring artist will learn skills and techniques that will develop their interest in the arts profoundly.  Working with certified instructors and quality materials will create interest and motivation for your student.  Post a review about your student's progress and save $5 on their next class!

>How many classes are in a session?

There are 6 classes in a session. A "Showcase" is held on the last day of class for friends and family to enjoy. Classes are NEVER held on holiday weekends.  

> How many sessions do you offer?

We offer 4 sessions throughout the school year:  Early Fall, Late Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

> Are materials included for each class?

Yes! Art materials, scripts, and drumming sticks are all included in the price.

> What if my artist misses a class?

Let your instructor know if you will be missing a class. Artists can take art projects home and rehearse at home to catch up.  If your student starts a class later in the session the class rate will be reduced. It's easy to admit late arrivals to Improv and Painting!                                                   

>Will every session be different? Can my artist take two sessions in a row?

Yes! Every session will have fresh art projects, scripts, music, and theatre sports. Taking more than one session in the same class makes your artist a "Major" .                                                

> Can I drop off my child at the doors and leave?

Yes. Our instructors will take excellent care of your artist and ensure they meet you at the back doors at the end of class .                                                                         

> Should my child bring a water bottle?

Good idea! We also have water fountains close to each of the studios. 

How soon should we register for the next session?

For quality instruction, our classes are kept small.  It is recommended to register quickly when you know the class and session your student wishes to take.                                                   

> Can we take pictures and video at the showcase?

Yes, we will let you know if there are any students who prefer to not have pictures taken.

We also have Durham College Media students taking video for our FB and Insta.  Please add @artsonfireajax and #artsonfireajax if you make any media posts