Vocal lessons

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Singing is as natural to humans as it is to songbirds, but many of us tuck our talents away out of shyness.  
Vocal lessons will teach our students confidence. They will learn how to read music, how to identify musical styles, and how to sing a solo.  What a great gift!
Vocal lessons also teach us:
*how to breath well
*how to control volume
*how to learn about your own voice
Learn hit songs from contemporary musicals and prepare for your next talent show or future rise to stardom on the stage.

Singing releases endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical that makes you feel uplifted and happy. 


Boost your mood with vocal lessons! 

Marcelle Boisjoli

Taught by veteran vocal teacher Mrs. Marcelle Boisjoli.  Marcelle has a Bachelor and Master degree in Vocal music from MgGill University.  Her specialist training in opera will empower students to find their own unique voice through folk and contemporary pop music.